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Birla High School Alumni (Formerly Hindi High School Alumni) is the association of Old Boys of Birla High School (formerly Hindi High School) - Boys Section. It was formed in 1995. It has members from the Classes of 1950 onwards  who constantly remain in touch by way of newsletters and various get-togethers.

Friday 25th February 1995, 6 PM in the office of Deepak Bahl at Hotel Hindusthan International, a few frien ds met over tea. This had been a regular feature but they always missed the company of many others who were in school with them. Suddenly an idea emerged, why not a body be floated in which all old boys of Hindi High School could become members and meet on a regular basis.

Past Events
HOMECOMING 2012, the grandest reunion of our Alumni so far, was held on ...

Current Events                                             On the verge of completing their high school years the students of this era face a ...              click here
Birla High School Alumni started the year 2012 with 1150 life members. The efforts of the Membership Sub Committee made the figure reach 1400 during the year.
The committee has taken a target of taking the membership to 2000 by December 2014.



1940 - Hindi High School founded, with Sri J. M. Goenka as its President and Sri L. N. Birla as Vice-President of the Managing Committee.

1941 - 1 st January - School started at Ballygunge Circular Road, in a rented house...